Growing up, I did not have a mentor to assist in encouraging, guiding, and supporting me through the various obstacle’s pre-teen and teenage girls face.  While I was able to overcome the challenges, I believe that having additional support through mentorship to assist in navigating the social, academic, and personal complexities of middle and high school would have made those years smoother and more fulfilling. 

Based on studies and results from the Big Brothers Big Sisters national evaluation, after 18 months, the study concluded that those who had access to a mentor had more positive relationships and higher grades.  My vision and overall mission for Sisters with Ambition serves to provide consistent and dedicated mentoring to both middle and high school girls so that they are able display the R.A.I.S.E core values in their daily lives while working to achieve and exceed their goals and dreams.  

Sisters with Ambition believes that empowered women should start as empowered girls. Through the Sisters with Ambition mentoring program, our mentees will be a part of a confidence cultivating organization, which encourages them to grow and to be empowered young women. 




As we pursue our goals in life, we will face obstacles and challenges that we must overcome.  Through Sisters with Ambition, our mentees will learn the importance of re-adjusting and moving forward to continuously overcome any obstacle they may face.  


Sisters with Ambition mentees will be encouraged and supported to turn their dreams into goals and their goals into committed action plans.


We emphasize that as young women and women you can and will be able to achieve your goals while maintaining personal values and standards all while being kind.   


“When women support each other incredible things can and will happen.” Sisters with Ambition provides a supportive environment for mentees to develop a strong bond, lasting friendships, and supportive sisterhoods.  


The relationship you have with yourself is one of the most important relationships you can have.  Through discussions and activities, we continuously work to help cultivate confidence within the Sisters with Ambition mentees as they reflect, evaluate, and grow to love their overall qualities and characteristics.